Social Work

The Social work department is manned by a Senior Social Worker with the assistance of two third year students on attachment. The social worker assumes the role of case manager in the rehabilitation program, planning and preparation, which starts when an individual is admitted to the in-patient program and continues during the in-patient stay with the social worker helping the family deal with social, financial and emotional aspects of the condition until such a time when the team determines that the individual is ready to move to the next step in the rehabilitation process or even when premature discharge occurs as a result of financial constraints.

The conditions mostly seen are stroke patients, spinal patients and orthopaedic patients. The Social work department assesses and intervenes in the areas of psycho-social functioning and discharge planning, the social worker helps the patient and the family move from a situation of uncertainty, anxiety and dependence to one of increased confidence, hope and autonomy. Through counselling they assist the patient and the family to adjust to their loss as a result of their disability through various stages of grieving and loss which include denial, anger, bargaining and acceptance.