The hydrotherapy pool is an extension of physiotherapy where exercising is done in warm water. It is one of a kind amongst few hydro-pools in Zimbabwe and the centre has managed to keep it running over the years. The hydrotherapy pool is used for patients with both neurological and orthopaedic conditions. It is a unique facility and extremely useful treatment medium.

The Healing Waters

Popularly known as The Healing Waters the hydrotherapy pool is part of physiotherapy where patients can exercise in warm water. It was officially opened together with the Polio Centre by Major General Sir John Kennedy on December 22nd 1952 and it became one of the special features which the staff was most proud of. The pool measured 16ft by 12ft with special tiles which illustrated nursery rhymes. It had a special piece of apparatus for lowering stretchers into the water. The pool was complete with heating and filtering plants.

Even after 1964 when Red Cross Centre and the Polio Centre were amalgamated the hydrotherapy pool remained one of the special features at the Centre. It was later expanded together with the rest of the Centre in 1976 to accommodate both children and adults.

The ‘healing water’ is kept at an even temperature under the direction of trained physiotherapists. Children and adults learn to use muscles and limbs supported by the water. The hydrotherapy pool was recently renovated together with the Jacuzzi with the support of Mimosa Mining Company.