St Giles is a Medical Rehabilitation Centre providing all rehabilitation services to children and adults with all physical disabilities.

St Giles is a private voluntary organisation owned by the St Giles Association which comprises of people with a passion for rehabilitation work. However, it is also supported by the government of Zimbabwe.

St Giles accepts most medical aid societies in Zimbabwe. For further details contact our offices as these may change from time to time.

St Giles treats any physical condition which leaves one unable to function normally or to do certain daily activities like walking, eating, speaking, waking up on your own, dressing etc.

The centre is currently not doing home visits but we hope in the near future we will be able to offer this service to our clients. Keep following for updates.

The Centre sells and hires out rehabilitation aids such wheel chairs, crutches, walking frames, bath seats. To find out how much it costs please contact us.

Rehabilitation is a long process and recovery is sorely based on the condition and other underlying factors that hinder rehabilitation.

No, the physiotherapist and occupational therapist work hand in hand with the doctors and they would need doctor’s reports to be able to carry out treatment correctly.

Each session takes a maximum of one hour per day for adults and thirty minutes for children.