Physiotherapy for children

The children’s physiotherapy department is manned by a Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Technician and a Nurse Aide who work in a multidisciplinary team Occupational therapists and the Speech Therapy department.

The conditions managed in the department include developmental disorders, neurological conditions and genetic disorders. Developmental disorders include delayed or disordered development of body postures and large movements(Gross motor skills)such as rolling, crawling, sitting, standing and walking and their association with all aspects of child development as well as benign congenital hypotonia, developmental co-ordination disorder also known as dyspraxia and undiagnosed co-ordination difficulties. Neurological conditions include conditions like cerebral palsy, head injuries and spina bifida. Lastly Genetic disorders include conditions like down syndrome and duchenne muscular dystrophy.

The therapist plays the role of assessing and managing children with movement disorders, disability or illness. Assessment will include information gathering, strength and co-ordination, motor development, posture and balance, quality of movement and function. The decision to offer therapy is based on the outcome of the assessment and the impact of the condition on the child.