Adult Wards

St Giles Adult wards

The adult ward is manned by Registered Nurses with the assistants of Nurse Aides, Cleaners and Red Cross nurses under the supervision and guidance of the Matron and Medical Director. It has the capacity to admit a total of 39 patients at any given time distributed between private rooms, double rooms, single rooms and the general male ward. The options provided are meant to cater for different societal and financial backgrounds.

The department plays a pivotal role in providing rehabilitative nursing as they focus on general nursing care, bed sore management, bowel and bladder training, counselling of client and relatives, bathing and grooming as well as feeding. Having rehabilitative nursing in mind the department caters for conditions like Cerebral Vascular Accidents (CVA)stroke, spinal cord injuries and lesions, head injuries, orthopaedic conditions like limb fractures, back surgery, arthritis and joint replacement, back pain as well as any other conditions which require intensive therapies.

Being a rehabilitation centre the nursing staff work hand in hand with the therapists to help continue specific rehabilitation therapy which might need to be continued in the ward which include but not limited to sitting posture, sleeping positions, chest percussions as well as other services mentioned above. The department aims to deliver individualised and specialised care using the holistic approach to achieve maximum recovery for all patients.