Occupational Therapy for adults

The department is manned by Occupational therapists who are assisted by Rehabilitation Technicians and therapy assistants. Occupational therapy is a health and rehabilitation profession that assists individuals of all ages who have had an injury, illness, cognitive impairment, mental illness, developmental learning, or physical disability to maximize their independence.

The department deals with a variety of neurological conditions (80%) and musculoskeletal conditions (20%). Some of the conditions include cerebrovascular accident (stroke) which is the most seen in the department, spinal cord injuries , gullan barr syndrome , neuropathies , parkinsonism , dementia, traumatic brain injuries, multiple sclerosis , transverse myelitis, upper limb fractures , amputations, tendon injuries, pain, arthritis and rheumatic diseases.

The therapists treatment sessions focus on engaging individuals in meaningful and purposeful activities in order to assist them in achieving their goals so they reach their optimal level of independence, productivity, and satisfaction. This allows the individual to have a sense of increased self-efficacy, autonomy, purpose, competence, and especially wholeness. Where remediation is not possible, the rehabilitation personnel implement compensatory strategies to promote independence. This is also achieved through provision of assistive devices for use in the various activities of daily living (ADLs).

The department also carries out home and work visits in preparation for discharge and as follow up post discharge. This is done in order to ensure that proper interventions are designed to meet tangible, realistic outcomes like returning to work or living safely at home. Many patients have benefitted a lot through some of these Occupational Therapy services offered in the department.